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Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft.


Welcome to our homepage!

In the European Union – so in our country as well – agricultural products and food- or feedingstuffs produced therefrom can be marketed with organic (biológiai, bio, öko, organikus) labelling, if they have been produced in compliance with all applivable community and national regulations, within the inspection system controlled by the national authority, and these are verified by a document (which is a certificate in Hungary).

The main participants of the organic certification system are the business organisations who perform their production and trading activity in accordance with relevant regulations, since this way - taking a risk and giving up a part of the yield - they have to change the technology, their procedures and materials used compared to conventional production, which provides less protection for the environment and the health of the consumer.

Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. also plays an important role in the organic certification system by the inspection and certification of operators of the Hungarian organic food industry sector. This is a dual task: on one hand we have to guarantee for the consumer that the more valuable and so more expensive food really comes from and operator complying with the rules, and on the other hand we have to protect real organic producers from the unfair competition with those who only state their products are organic, while they produce them in intensive farming systems, using chemicals and antibiotics, full of synthetic additives.

The task of Biokontroll inspectors is to draw up a report on the production processes according to a system developed for that certain activity and any deviations from the standards. The task of certifiers is to establish if these processes comply with regulations, and if everything is found conform, the certificate is issued holding a hologram and an individual identification number. The product is not organic if an original certificate (verification) is not available.

Beside our main activity, which is inspection and certification of organic food- and agricultural production, we publish the Biokultúra Magazine, and take part in several research programmes related to organic production and financed by EU or national resources.

Trusting that if you are committed to organic farming, you will find all information in our homepage that will confirm your confidence in that; or if you are unconvinced, your doubts will be dispelled. Please browse our pages, ask questions, make suggestions in order to improve and make our homepage more informative.

Dr. Roszík Péter, Executive Manager



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