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In order to help fair competition on the market and to protect our clients who keep the organic regulations we fulfill our obligations - considering provisions of the regulations in force - to make the following data available for the public:

1. Based on the name and address we give information if the person or business organisation in question is registered in the inspection system of Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ltd.: request for information on e-form here!


2. Invalid certificate serial number and expiry date:
2.1 general certificates withdrawn for technical or professional reasons,
2.2 general certificates withdrawn due to abuse.

Information on invalid certificates is given personally at present or - after previous cross-checking of data - by phone.


We are looking forward to your notifications in order to prevent and reveal abuses related to misleading of consumers in the following cases:

  • sale of agricultural products, food or cosmetic products labelled as organic but supposed to have no original and/or valid certificate
  • sale of agricultural products, food, or cosmetic products labelled as organic but supposed to be non-compliant with the requirements.

Notifications are accepted in writing. Note: For the exact identification the notification has to include the suspicious product, the name of the producer (manufacturer/distributor) and the name of the point of sale!

Detailed regulations on organic production, processing and trade can be found under Regulations or FAQ.

You may also find interesting and useful information on organic farming, organic food production, on the benefits of consuming organic products or on the possible risks of consuming foodstuffs deriving from conventional (intensive) production methods under the menu Biokultúra Magazine. For further information, have a look at the useful Links or the webpage of the owner of our organisation, the Hungarian Biokultúra Federation.



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