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EU ökológiai K+F projektek oldalai
Uniós forrásból finanszírozott konzorciumi projektek hivatalos oldalai.
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1   Link   CONDOR
This EU funded project brings together a mutidisciplinary team across eight EU member states to examine consumer decision-making processes involved in the choice between organic and non-organic foods.
2   Link   EISfOM
In the course of EISfOM comprehensive data from 32 European countries were collected and analyzed.
3   Link   Organic HACCP
The Organic HACCP project has reviewed studies of consumer concerns and preferences in relation to organic production systems and collected information about typical production chains for 7 commodities in regions across Europe. For each of the 7 criteria listed below, the information was analysed to identify Critical Control Points (CCPs), defined as the steps in supply chains where the qualities of the final product can be controlled most efficiently. CCPs were identified using methods developed for "Hazard Analysis by Critical Control Points" (HACCP), which is a standard procedure to prevent food safety risks. The new aspect is thus to improve how consumer concerns are addressed, through the use of the CCP concept for a wide range of criteria, not only safety.


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